Gwen Head is a native Texan born in 1947. She decided on her sixtieth birthday she would complete the novel she had started writing for caregivers while her mother was living with her battling Alzheimer’s Disease. This book was called Surviving Mother.

Her second novel, Lone Wolf: Tales of an Independent Biker is a collection of true stories about her husband’s life in Austin running a security company for the world-famous Armadillo World Headquarters and Willie Nelson Picnics.

Dear Old Dogs is Gwen’s third novel. This novel reflects the lifetime relationships we have with our friends and pet companions. She adopted the real Debbie from a dog academy in the Austin area. This is a work of fiction, but it could happen. It all starts with an idea.

Gwen lives thirty miles from Austin, Texas with her Bernese Mountain dog, Buddy. Her beloved pet companion Debbie passed away in 2017. Gwen will continue storytelling about life and the curves it throws us. Enjoy.


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